How it works

From 5 to 28 June, over 216,000 Australians are participating in The Push-Up Challenge to improve their physical and mental fitness, have fun and raise funds to make a difference to mental health in Australia.
Here's how...

3,249 push-ups for the 3,249 lives lost to suicide

Participants complete 3,249 push-ups in 24 days, from 5-28 June (or 1,625 if you're aiming for half). This represents the number of lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022 (the most recent available data).

Options for all fitness levels

We get it. Not everyone’s a push-up pro. Choose between the full target (3,249) or half target (1,625) when you register.

Or substitute push-ups with alternatives, like sit-ups, squats - anything goes. Check out our training guide for options.

Stay motivated with daily facts and targets

Each day you'll receive a different push-up target which corresponds to an important Mental Health Fact. Read and share to improve mental health awareness, start conversations and help smash the stigma around mental illness.

Go solo or team up and push together

Complete the challenge solo or create a Team/Community with your mates, school, gym, club or workplace. Follow the prompts when you register, or do it all from your Dashboard after you've signed up. Scroll on to find out more about Teams and Communities.

Track your progress and get daily updates on the app

Download the app to get the daily facts and targets, bank (aka log) your push-ups and keep track of your daily progress.

Access fundraising tips, track your fundraising/Team/Community stats, stay in touch with your teammates and more.

Fundraise to make a difference

You can choose to raise funds for Lifeline, headspace or The Push for Better Foundation while you push. Once you've registered, people can donate directly to your chosen beneficiary. Each Team and Community also gets its own fundraising page. You can also make an optional self-donation or choose not to raise funds.

How to push for better, together

People can sign up solo, as part of a team or a community. Most organisations will have a team at the very least, or multiple teams which form a community

For up to 10 people, create a Team
When you create a Team, you can invite people to join you and track your collective stats and individual rankings.

For >10 people, create a Community
A Community is a collection of Teams. When you create a Community, you can invite people to join or create their own Team within your Community. You can also track your collective stats, as well as see Team and individual rankings.