How it works

Register interest

You can register your interest for the 2024 challenge.  Just fill out a few details on our registration form and we'll keep you in the loop for 2024. 

Teamwork makes the dream work

Taking part in a team environment can work wonders for motivation and who doesn't like a bit of healthy competition. You can even work towards the push-up target together if you fancy.

Invite people to your Team

A team of 1 really isn't a Team is it? The more the merrier. If you're a super recruiter, you could set you up in your own Community.

Got a big group? Create a Community

A Community is a collection of teams which sits under the same umbrella. Communities work well for workplaces, gyms, schools and clubs, or big groups of mates and allows you to see the total push-ups complete and funds raised across your Community. 

Get pushin

We'll set the push-up targets and dates for June 2024. And you can always aim for half of the target instead, or alternative exercises if push-ups aren't for you. The target amount per day varies and whilst you can catch up if you fall behind, you can't get ahead. Our App allows you to track your push-ups and see how others in your team are going too. 


Whilst fundraising is an optional part of this event, we do encourage it. As the event is free, feel free to throw in a few dollars to support mental health if you like and get your friends and family supporting you and the cause too. Our Legends page shows those who have been the most successful with fundraising. In 2023, funds were raised for Lifeline, Movember and The Push for Better Foundation. 


We've wrapped up our 2023 challenge, but keen beans can register interest for 2024.

The Push-Up Challenge is a unique way to engage people in mental health

  • Push-ups represent the number of people who died by suicide in Australia in 2021
  • Track your own and your team's progress online
  • Get fit
  • Learn about mental health through daily tips and facts
  • Fundraise for mental health 

Go solo or with your mates

Sign up solo, as part of a Team or a Community.

This is a collection of Teams. Great for large workplaces, schools, gyms, clubs or unis.

Join up to 10 legends together
to form a Team.

Solo legend
Anyone can sign up as a solo participant and they’ll have the support of the entire push-up crew behind them.

Join us in 2024