Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs below for answers to the most common questions that we get about The Push-Up Challenge.
If you still can't find what you're looking for then contact us, and we'll do our best to help.

If you have questions around mental health support, you can find some FAQs and resources on our Mental Health Support page.

When is The Push-Up Challenge happening?

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The Push-Up Challenge 2024 started on 5 June and ends on 28 June, so the Challenge is well and truly underway.

You're welcome to register now to join in for the remaining days (or if you're really keen, try to catch up), but you might want to register your interest for The Push-Up Challenge 2025 to get the full experience next time.

How do I register?

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Easy. Just click here to register now for The Push-Up Challenge 2024.

The Push-Up Challenge 2024 started on 5 June and ends on 28 June, so the Challenge is well and truly underway. You're welcome to join in for the remaining days (or if you're really keen, try to catch up), but you might want to register your interest for The Push-Up Challenge 2025 to get the full experience next time.

What is the target?

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We'll be aiming for 3,249 push-ups over 24 day. The number of push-ups reflects the number of lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022.

Remember, you can opt for the half target of 1,625 push-ups or swap in some alternatives like sit-ups and squats.


How much does it cost to take part?

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$0. It's free to take part.

Where can I buy Merch?

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Visit our merch page and find out everything you need to know about our latest threads.

The Push-Ups

Does it have to be push-ups?

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Not at all. We encourage people to mix it up where they can. Think sit-ups or squats or another tailored exercise that takes your fancy.

And feel free to mix up the type of push-up you want to do. Standard, on your knees, wall push-up or even one-handed if you're keen for a challenge!

How do I log my push-ups?

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The best way to log your push-ups each day will be via our app. Or you can always use our website (when logged in). 

During the challenge, you can log push-ups for the day you're on, or go back and log them for any previous days that you might have missed or just want to catch up on. Find out more about the app.

Can I bank more than the day's push-up target?

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The maximum amount that can be logged each day on the phone app or website is the daily push-up target.

This is because we want everyone pushing towards the same goal - that goal being recognising and raising awareness of the number of lives lost to suicide.

We all love push-ups, but we also don’t want anyone hurting themselves. It is possible to have too much of a good thing!

Is this event accessible for different abilities?

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Absolutely. In previous years we have had people of various ages and abilities take part.

You can also aim for half or the full daily target. We also encourage mixing up your exercises to fit your abilities. This could mean wall push-ups, sit-ups, tricep dips, or other tailored exercises.

Check out some of our training tips and exercise alternatives. If you have any concerns, best to check in with a health professional before taking part.

How many push-ups am I required to do?

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You'll be challenged to complete 3,249 push-ups from 5 to 28 June to help raise awareness of the 3,249 lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2022 (last year of available data).

You can also aim for half the push-up target of 1,625. Remember - mix things up with plenty of exercise alternatives.

The push-up target you are challenged to do each day varies and corresponds to an important Mental Health Fact. You'll find the daily targets on the App or on your Profile page.

You'll also find the daily targets:
- On the Daily Mental Health Facts section of the website
- On Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn @pushforbetter

We suggest breaking up the daily target of push-ups into sets. For example, do a few when you wake up, some during the day, and then some before bed - to get as many done as you can. Each set of push-ups is totally up to you.

I have injured myself, what should I do?

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Stop and get advice from a suitably qualified health professional. Perhaps there is an alternative exercise you can do, perhaps you need to rest and you can take part next year. Again, chat to your suitably qualified health professional about this.

How fit do I need to be to take part?

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We have seen people with all sorts of fitness levels take part. If you're not sure, best chat to your health professional. Being able to complete 10 push-ups in 1 set (without stopping) is a good place to start.

If you struggle to complete that we recommend a little bit of pre-season training. Don't forget, you can always do alternatives like sit-ups, squats, or tailored exercises.

To break it up, there are rest days (every Sunday) within the challenge to recharge those push-up batteries for the coming week.

When can I bank my push-ups until?

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You'll be able to bank push-ups for a few weeks after the challenge finishes.


Do I have to fundraise?

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We do encourage fundraising, but it's totally up to you. If it's not your jam, we understand. If it is your jam, sweet - you will be supporting the mental health of Australians.

How do you spend the funds raised?

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Funds raised through The Push-Up Challenge are used:
  • To support our mental health charity partners, Lifeline and headspace.
  • To cover the costs of running the Challenge.
  • To ensure that The Push for Better Foundation can continue to operate and run The Push-Up Challenge in future years.
  • To develop new initiatives to address existing gaps in mental health promotion and provision.
As a charity, we are very conscious of our costs. We keep our team small and we lean on some very generous volunteers where we can. This ensures that as much money as possible is able to go towards our core objective - improving the mental health of all Australians.

When do donations close?

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Donations will close a bit after the event - we'll keep you posted on when that happens. 

Thanks to the generous fundraising efforts of our participants and your donations, we raised $14.7million for mental health last year.

Is my donation tax-deductable?

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You bet. Anything $2 or above is tax-deductable.

Are my online donations secure?

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Sure are. Information exchanged with any website address beginning with https is encrypted before transmission.

Can I create a Facebook or Instagram Fundraiser?

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You can create a Facebook Fundraiser and these are a great way to boost your donations, but unfortunately Instagram Fundraiser isn't available for our participants.

You just need to follow the Facebook Fundraiser links from your dashboard to set it up. 

Keep in mind that some Facebook Fundraiser amounts can be delayed and may not show on your The Push-up Challenge profile.

I was never sent/lost my tax deductible receipt. Can I still get one?

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Sure thing. If you're a participant, you can find your donation receipts for any donations that you've made yourself in your settings when logged in. Just go to 'My Account', and then 'Your History' and you can download your receipt.

If you've sponsored one of our participants, you can access your receipt by clicking 'Login' in the black bar at the top of our homepage, and then entering your email address on the right hand side under Donor Login on the next screen. 

Can I make a business donation?

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You sure can. Just select that option when making a donation.

Can I donate to a team or the cause in general?

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Yes. To donate to a team go to their page (use the search function to find them). To donate to the cause in general, go to Donate at the top of this page and go from there.

Can I donate to another cause instead?

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There are many great causes out there, however we'll be focusing our support on our selected beneficiaries.

What is your fundraising license?

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The Push For Better Foundation is a charity registered with the ACNC and operates under the following fundraising licenses: 

NSW   CFN/25804
QLD    CH3446
SA       CCP3996
VIC      FR0025950
WA      CC22872
TAS     C/10933

Teams and Communities

How do I create a Team?

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Easy. Go to your dashboard and select 'Create Team'.

How do I join a Team?

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Go to your dashboard and select 'Join Team'. Find the team you are after and go from there.

Can I be a member of two Teams?

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Unfortunately, you can only be in one Team.

How do I join a Community?

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To be in a Community, you need to be in a Team.
Communities are collections of Teams.
Not in a Team? That's ok, you can create a Team of 1 person if you like.

To join a Community you need to be a Team Captain. If you are a Team Captain go to your dashboard and select 'Join Community'.

How do I create a Community?

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To be in a Community, you need to be in a Team.
Communities are collections of Teams.
Not in a Team? That's ok, you can create a Team of 1 person if you like.

To create a Community go to your dashboard and select 'Create Community'. Again, if you are yet to create a Team, do that first.

What is the advantage of a Community over a Team?

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Communities allow for a collection of Teams under the same umbrella. You may want to create a Community if you:

  • Are in a workplace or school which is expecting to have more than 10 people taking part.
  • Want some friendly rivalry between different groups of people.

We find that Teams with more than 10 people don't allow for optimal banter and cohesion.

Is the daily/overall target individual or shared with the Team?

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All targets are individual. You can also combine your push-ups with other types of exercise if you want to mix it up.
And don't sweat - you don’t have to do 100% of the target. You can choose to do half or the full amount each day, and will be rewarded with a digital achievement badge in the app for reaching the targets.


The App

Go to the app info page to find out a stack of info on the app.