Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs below for answers to the most common questions that we get.
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When is The Push-Up Challenge happening?

The Push-Up Challenge will be running from the 1st-24th June 2022. 

How do I register?

You can register your interest today through the above link. Full registrations will be open in early 2022. To get your workforce, school or gym involved, feel free to check out that part of the website to learn more and get an information pack.

What is the target?

The target for the 2022 event is 3,139 push-ups over 24 days.

This is the target per participant, and it reflects the  lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2020 (the latest numbers available).

Note that alternatives to push-ups are allowed and you can split that target up among a team if you like.


How much does it cost to take part?

$0. It is free to take part.

Does it have to be push-ups?

Not at all. We encourage people to mix it up where they can. Perhaps some sit-ups or squats or tailored exercises.

You can also mix up what type of push-up you want to do. Standard, on your knees, wall push-up or even one-handed if you want to challenge yourself even further!

If you want to know what a standard push-up is:
- Ensure your palms are directly below your shoulders
- Push up so that your elbows are straight
- Lower yourself so that your chest almost touches the ground.

What is the maximum team size?

We recommend a maximum team size of 10 people.

More than 10 people in a team can diminish the team vibe and cohesion. You got to keep each other accountable right?!

If you've got more than 10 people we recommend creating a Community which is a collection of teams. Communities are great for large workplaces, schools, gyms and other groups!

Do I have to fundraise?

Whilst encouraged, that is up to you. If that is not your jam, we understand. If it is your jam, sweet - you will be supporting the mental health of Australians.

The Push-Ups

Is this event accessible for different abilities?

Absolutely. In previous years we have had people of various ages and abilities take part.

This year participants could aim for 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the daily target. We also encourage participants to mix up their exercises to fit their abilities. This could mean wall push-ups, sit-ups, triceps dips, or other tailored exercises.

Training tips with exercise alternatives are available on The Push-Up Challenge website. We do encourage participants to seek the advice of a health professional before taking part.

How many push-ups am I required to do?

Over the course of 24 days in June, participants were challenged to complete 3,139 push-ups, to help raise awareness of the 3,139 lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2020 (last year of available data).

You could aim for 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the push-up target, and exercise alternatives were very welcome to mix things up a bit.

The amount you are challenged to do each day varies. You can find the amounts on the App or on your Profile page.

You can also find the amounts:
- On the Handy Resources section of the website
- On Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn @pushforbetter

We suggest breaking up the daily target of push-ups into sets, for example, do a few when you wake up, some during some downtime, and then some before bed, to get as many done as you can. Each set of push-ups is totally up to you.

How do I bank push-ups?

The main way to bank your push-ups each day was via our new app.

You are able to bank push-ups for that day, or go back and bank them for any previous day of the event.
Get the app below.



I have injured myself, what should I do?

Stop and get advice from a suitably qualified health professional. Perhaps there is an alternative exercise you can do, perhaps you need to rest and you can take part next year. Again, chat to your suitably qualified health professional about this.

Can I bank more than the day's push-up target?

The maximum amount that can be banked each day on the phone app or website is the daily push-up target.

This is because we want everyone pushing towards the same goal - that goal being recognising and raising awareness of the number of lives lost to suicide in 2020.

I mean we all love push-ups, but we also don’t want anyone hurting themselves. It's possible to have too much of a good thing!

Can I catch-up on previous days push-ups if I forgot to bank?

You sure can. You can bank your push-ups for previous days (but you can’t bank on future days).

Do this through our phone app or website under your SETTINGS page.

How fit do I need to be to take part?

We have seen people with all sorts of fitness levels take part. If you are not sure consult your health professional. Being able to complete 10 push-ups in 1 set (without stopping) is a good place to start.

If you struggle to complete that we recommend a little bit of pre-season training. You are also welcome to do exercise alternatives such as sit-ups, squats, or tailored exercises.

To break it up, there are 3 rest days (every Sunday) within the 24-day event to recharge for the coming week.


How do we spend the funds that we raise?

Funds raised through the event are used:
- To support our mental health charity partners, headspace and Lifeline
- To cover the costs of running the event
- To ensure that the Push for Better Foundation can continue to operate and run The Push-Up Challenge in future years
- On developing new initiatives to address existing gaps in mental health promotion and provision

As a charity, we are very conscious of our costs. We keep our team small and we lean on some very generous volunteers where we can. This ensures that as much money as possible is able to go towards our core objective - improving the mental health of all Australians.

Is my donation tax-deductable?

You bet (if $2 or above).

Can I change who I am fundraising for? How do I do this?

Yep, you can change the beneficiary you are fundraising for (Push for Better, headspace (or one of their local centres) or Lifeline (or one of their local centres), but past donations that have already been made will not be changed over, as these were made in good faith by the donor at the time.

If you want to change who you are fundraising for, just go to your Settings page and it’s easy as. Get in touch with us if you have any troubles!

Please note - if you decide to change who you are fundraising for, and have received donations for more than one beneficiary, your fundraising page will show how much each beneficiary has received.

How do I get sponsors?

When you register you will get your own unique push-up page which you can share with others.

You can email others the link to this page or share it on social media.

We recommend asking for sponsorship as early as possible. Consider asking friends, family, colleagues, work mates, people from your club and other business contacts including suppliers and clients.

Are my online donations secure?

Yes. Information exchanged with any website address beginning with https is encrypted before transmission.

How do I sponsor someone?

Easy. Just search for them using the link in the menu at the top of this page. Click on their name and go from there. We will email you a tax deductible receipt and a thank you note.

Why can I not find the person I want to sponsor?

Hmmmm. They could have a private account that you can not search for or perhaps you spelt their name incorrectly. Try searching using fewer letters or ask them to send you the link to their page.

Is there a minumum amount of funds to be raised by each person?

Nah there isn't. Fundraising is encouraged but is completely up to you. Or you may like to make a donation yourself. The event is about participation, we're just glad to have you involved :)

I lost my tax deductible receipt. Can you send me another one?

Yep. Contact us and tell us which donation this was for and we will send a copy of it to the email associated with the donation.

Can I make a business donation?

You sure can. Just select that option when making a donation.

Why is my donation not showing up on the right page?

Hmmmm. Perhaps you donated to the cause in general or to a team rather than an individual? Or maybe you chose to make your donation private. Please contact us and we will help you out.

Can I donate to a team or the cause in general?

Yes. To donate to a team go to their page (use the search function to find them). To donate to the cause in general, go to Donate above and go from there.

Can I make my donation anonymous?

You bet. When donating just choose that option.

Can I donate to another cause instead?

There are many great causes out there, however for the 2022 event we are focusing our support on our selected beneficiaries.

What is your fundraising license?

The Push For Better Foundation is a charity registered with the ACNC and operates under the following fundraising licenses: 

NSW   CFN/25804
QLD    CH3446
SA       CCP3996
VIC      FR0025950
WA      CC22872
TAS     C/10933

The App

What features does the 'Push For Better' app have?

As the app is built purely with the event in mind, there isn't much you're able to do in the app right now until the 2022 event begins.

Some features include:
- See daily targets
- Get badges and trophies for hitting certain targets
- Bank (tally) your push-ups
- Learn about mental health (through our daily event fact)
- See how others in your team are going (if you're in a team)
- See how your Community is going (again, if in a Community)

I can't log in to the app

We're sorry to hear that. Please check the following:

1. You have registered for the event
Note: that if you are a past participant, you need to login and then register.

2. You are using the same email as you registered with
Note: Some people get confused between their work email and personal email.

3. You are entering your password correctly.
If your password has a lowercase first letter, please check this. The password field in the app may change this to a capital letter, so please check this when logging in.

4. Reset your password if you have forgotten it

5. Still having trouble?
Please contact us with as much detail as you can, including your phone number as we may need to call you about this.

Can I make my page/team/community private?

We understand that privacy is important so to support this, we offer the following options for participants:

1. Individuals

- You can set your page as 'not being able to be searched for' which means you won't show up in searches. Note that if people have a link to your page (which you may have shared with them) they'll still be able to see it

- You can also hide the list of donations made to your page if you don't want this public

- You can register using a pseudonym, although please note that this may make it harder for people to find you if you are looking to fund raise

- Similarly, uploading a profile picture is optional (although encouraged)

2. Team Captains

- You can choose whatever team name you like (within reason). It doesn't have to be your organisation / gym / schools name etc

- You can set your team's page as 'not being able to be searched for' which means your team's page won't show up in searches. Note that if people have a link to your team's page (which you may have shared with them) they'll still be able to see it

- You can choose to not let members of the public see who is in your team

- You can choose to not let members of the public see who has donated to your team

3. Community Leaders

- You can choose to not let members of the public see which teams are in your Community (but teams in your Community will be able to see how everyone’s tracking when they are logged in).


When will t-shirts be available for the 2022 event?

Soon my friend, soon.

(We're aiming for April 2022)

What is the design of the 2022 event t-shirts?

They are schmick. Super schmick. Details coming out soon.

How do the t-shirt sizes work?

You can find the size guide here

The size guide is accurate, so please check this carefully.

Our t-shirts tend to be a bit smaller than other shirts, particularly for the women's sizes. We therefore recommend that you go for a size larger than you usually would.

My t-shirt does not fit, can I get a replacement?

Yeah sorry we do not offer that this year.

Where do the proceeds of the shirts go to?

The proceeds of shirt sales go towards the costs of acquiring the shirts and, if anything is left after that, the general running costs of the event.

I did not get a receipt for my shirt, please can I get one?

You sure can. Prob best to check your email first though. Perhaps it went through to your spam or perhaps you entered your email address incorrectly? Just contact us and we will hunt it down for you.