Push For Better Foundation

One in five Australians will experience mental ill health this year and only 46% of people seek help. It's a complex challenge - for ourselves, our loved ones and, most of all, for the nine Australians who die by suicide everyday.

The Push For Better Foundation aims to engage and educate people in mental and physical health, and raise awareness of the mental health issues affecting everyday Australians.

The Foundation was launched in October 2020 by Nick Hudson and is a registered health promotion charity. Our focus is on the prevention and early intervention of depression, anxiety and suicide.

Our Purpose

Bringing people together to push for better mental health


Creating awareness, understanding and prevention through the sharing of knowledge


Using digital to connect individuals to their goals, bringing people and communities together and sparking conversations

Health & Wellbeing

Promoting lifelong healthy habits through a challenge, daily exercise and encouragement and raising funds for funds for mental health

By delivering on our key foundations of education, connection, and health and wellbeing,
we will push for – and achieve – a more physically and mentally healthy future for all Australians.

Our flagship event is The Push-Up Challenge, which delivers on our three key foundations. The Push-Up Challenge brings people together to actively improve their mental health and/or the mental health of their community.

This annual event provides a platform to engage people in mental health, to get fit, to connect with others, and to learn about mental health.

Funds raised through The Push-Up Challenge 2021 are used:

  • To support our charity partners Lifeline and Movember to provide critical mental health services
  • To run the event and ensure The Push For Better Foundation can continue to operate and run The Push-Up Challenge in future years
  • On funding and/or developing new initiatives to address existing gaps in mental health promotion and service provision.

For more information on how the funds you raise or donate through The Push-Up Challenge are having a big impact on mental health, please check out our page on where the funds go.

As a charity, we are very conscious of our costs. We keep our team small and we lean on some very generous volunteers where we can.

We are committed to keeping administration and support costs to a minimum without compromising our core objective of improving mental health for as many Australians as we can.

Our annual report will be published and available on our website as soon as practicable following the end of our financial year.