Our Partners

Our partners walk the talk on mental health advocacy, not only by amplifying the conversation and encouraging participation in the workplace but also through their support of The Push-Up Challenge.

Find out how you can support us and help #pushforbetter mental health in 2024.

Northern Star Resources

Northern Star Resources Limited is a global-scale Australian gold producer with Tier-1 world-class projects located across Australia and North America, with over 3500 employees in both residential (Kalgoorlie) and FIFO operations.

Northern Star is committed to taking all practical steps to providing a safe and healthy working environment so that everyone returns home free of injury and in good health. This includes promotion of good mental health within the workforce and continuing to raise awareness of mental illness, the risk factors, causes and symptoms at all opportunities. 

The University of Melbourne

In a first for this year's The Push-Up Challenge, we've proudly partnered with The University of Melbourne to conduct an independent, rigorous and evidence-based evaluation of The Push-Up Challenge.

The research will explore the impact of The Push-Up Challenge on participants’ mental fitness, mental health literacy, help seeking and supportive behaviours. 

Exercise & Sports Science Australia

Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) is a professional organisation which is committed to establishing, promoting and defending the career paths of tertiary trained exercise and sports science practitioners.

Exercise Right is an ESSA-powered public awareness campaign that aims to educate Australians on where to find the best exercise advice for their unique needs, regardless of age or health status.

IGO Limited

IGO Limited is focused on creating a better planet for future generations by discovering, developing and delivering products critical to clean energy. IGO is making a difference by safely, sustainably and ethically delivering the products their customers need to advance the global transition to decarbonisation. 

As an employer, IGO focuses on their people and keeping each other safe and healthy. IGO’s inhouse health and wellbeing strategy is designed to connect, inspire and motivate their people to look after their physical, mental and financial wellbeing.  


AQUAME is the leading hydration monitoring solution designed to enhance your daily wellness and athletic performance. Their innovative smart water bottles and user-friendly app provide real-time hydration data, personalised reminders, and actionable insights to help you stay optimally hydrated. With AQUAME, you can effortlessly track your hydration habits, set personalised goals, and receive alerts to ensure you never miss a sip. Embrace the power of smart hydration with AQUAME and unlock your full potential through better hydration management. 

It's Cool to Cry

It's Cool To Cry is a clothing brand making mental health cool. Their fun and inclusive clothing range empowers people to be proud of their relationship with mental health, plus 10% of each sale is donated to mental health charities. By providing a free tool to improve your emotional IQ with every order, It's Cool To Cry wants mental health conversations to happen naturally, in everyday conversations.

The mission is to make mental health more approachable. By making mental health approachable, we talk about it. If we talk about it, we get comfortable with it. If we get comfortable with it, we get cool with it. If we do that, we can make mental health cool.

Premier Services Group

Premier Services Group is a multidisciplined building service company which specialises in the design, installation, servicing and maintenance of building services. 

They are one of the largest specialist building services companies in Australia which commenced trading in 1987 as a specialist fire protection contractor based in NSW. It then expanded its operations in fire protection into Queensland and later Victoria and New Zealand.

Leveraged on its 30 years of Contracting and Service experience to the Building and Property industries, the Group then expanded its design, installation, service and maintenance offerings into HVAC and ELECTRICAL.


Sodexo has a diverse workforce of over 5,000 employees. They deliver a unique array of over 100 integrated service lines, including cleaning, catering, facilities management, aerodrome services, concierge, security, asset and building maintenance and hospitality services across Corporate Strategic Accounts and Energy & Resources, both on and offshore.    

H&H Canteens

H & H Canteens is a family-owned Australian company established in 1989 to provide a professional, yet personal, food management service, with a strong focus within the education sector. H & H Canteens is about making a positive difference to the well-being of those in the community we serve, through a variety of wholesome, healthy food choices, together with a friendly, welcoming and committed service. They are about working together to be the food services partner you can count on.

They believe that a combination of nutritious foods coupled with fun and physical activity, is important for one’s mental wellbeing. 


Accenture is committing to The Push-Up Challenge to underscore their dedication to health, wellness, and community engagement. As a leading professional services company, Accenture values the importance of physical fitness and its role in overall well-being. This commitment aligns with Accenture's initiatives to foster a healthy, active workforce and promote wellness and healthy minds within the broader community.