Student Ambassador Program 2024

Applications are now OPEN.

The Push-Up Challenge 2024

The Push-Up Challenge is a unique and fun way for schools to encourage better mental health and wellbeing through connection, physical activity and education. We believe that education is the single most important tool for breaking down the stigma and fostering open conversations about mental health.
All you've got to do is get your school mates together to smash out a heap of push-ups (or alternative exercises) in June 2024 while learning more about mental health.
You can even fundraise if you're keen and make a big difference to supporting mental health services and programs.

Why be a Student Ambassador?

Student Ambassadors lead school mates, teachers and their school community in The Push-Up Challenge - cheering them on to get fit, have fun and learn about mental health. 

  • Be a leader for mental health in your school community
  • Help others feel positive and included at school
  • Get hands on experience in health promotion
  • Engage with stakeholders in your community
  • Contribute to a good cause 
  • Add charity experience to your resume

All the good stuff you get

Mental health awareness training

Boost your mental health knowledge and gain confidence to check in on your friends and family. 

Online Workshops

Hang out with us online and ask any questions, plus chat with other Student Ambassadors across Australia.

School Resources

We'll load you up with plenty of promo posters and other goodies to help your schools push for better.  

Exclusive Facebook Group

Chat with Ambassador pals about your great ideas in our Facebook group and share your school's push-ups.

Free Merch

Did somebody say merch? Our Student Ambassadors get a top notch t-shirt plus a sweet pin so they look the part.

Teachers and parents. They're invited too.

We encourage students to take ownership of The Push-Up Challenge at their school, encouraging participation and finding opportunities to raise awareness of mental health. This could include coordinating school-based health promotion activities, speaking at assemblies or organising fundraising events. 

It's still super important to have your school and parent/guardian support you as an ambassador. Make sure you talk with them about the program. We're always available to chat to teachers and parents if they have questions. 

"The Push-Up Challenge had a huge impact on our school community in only positive ways - it created a sense of community, provided leadership opportunities, allowed many different students the opportunity to shine and have fun together, it created friendly competition, and a goal oriented commitment."

Teacher, ACT

2023 Recognition Program

In 2023, we had 500 legendary Student Ambassadors who rose to the Challenge, leading the push for better mental health in their school communities. The following students and schools were absolute rockstars, motivating a huge number of their peers to join The Challenge.

✨ Erica and Jasmine, MLC School
✨ Jesse and Lachlan, SHORE School
✨ Hayden and Lucas, Anglican Church Grammar School
✨ Dylan and Joseph, St Bede's College
✨ Ryan and Sebastien, Brisbane Grammar School
✨ Charlie and Edward, Cranbrook School
✨ Henry, Camberwell Grammar School


How many ambassadors are recommended for each School? 

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We allow a maximum of two ambassadors at each school. We recommend Student Ambassadors set up a committee of passionate students to support the event. This is a great opportunity to create a support system within your school to really promote The Push-Up Challenge with your peers! 

Can I include Student Ambassador on my resume or application for further studies?

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For sure! Previous Student Ambassadors have included their role as Student Ambassador on their resume and applications for further studies. The Student Ambassador role is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate and develop your leadership skills within your school and community. 

Previous Student Ambassadors have all reported they improved an impressive array of skills, including organisation, leadership, interpersonal and public speaking. 

Will the Student Ambassador role impact my school work?

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The Push-Up Challenge Student Ambassador role is not intended to interfere with your school schedule or studies. There will be a variety of dates and times for you to complete your training and workshops, including lunchtime, after school, evening and weekend options. 

How you choose to develop the Student Ambassador role at your school is up to you, and it’s your responsibility to manage your schedule and ongoing commitments. We encourage you to plan early, and get participants registered and in teams well before Day 1 of the event. Think of it as a practical lesson in time management, another skill to add to your resume! 

What happens if I can’t get other students interested or we don’t raise any money?

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The Push-Up Challenge is about having fun while getting fit and learning about mental health. While there is a fundraising component, The Push-Up Challenge is about participation and connection. As a Student Ambassador, you are providing an opportunity for your peers to learn about mental health and be part of a fun event. We will provide you with resources and support before and during the event to assist you in promoting The Push-Up Challenge at your school. 

If you recruit hundreds of participants, and/or your school raises lots of money, you will be recognised for your achievements, however there are no set targets of what you must achieve. 

We can't wait to kick off the 2024 program.