Get your workplace involved

Boost physical and mental fitness in your workplace and the community.

Be part of Australia's largest mental health and fitness event.  

The Push-Up Challenge is a unique and fun way for organisations to encourage better mental health and wellbeing through physical activity, connection and mental health education.

Express your workplace's interest in The Push-Up Challenge 2025

Why get on board

In 2023, 61,000 people participated with their workplace across 7,420 Teams.
87% of participants told us The Push-Up Challenge was either better, or much better, than other workplace health promotion activities. Here's why...


It's free to get involved
It doesn't cost anything to do something great for the physical and mental fitness of your workforce.


Build better connections at work
You'll connect with your team each day as you work towards one epic goal together.


Improve workplace culture
Support your workmates and throw in some banter to foster a positive culture where people encourage each other.

Make an impact in your community
Empower your team to do good by opting to raise money for one of these mental health charities.

Learn about mental health together
Get clued up about mental health and how to support yourself and others with our daily mental health facts.

Have some fun!
Break up the daily routine and give your workplace a boost by introducing something fun and new.

"We had numerous teams participate in Aus and NZ, across all ages and fitness levels. Teams were setting reminders throughout the day to complete their daily push-ups which created a lot of discussion, banter and laughter each day. It was a great success for improving awareness of mental health within our business and supporting a great cause." 

- Nick, DLF Seeds