Let's push for better mental health. Together.

Sponsorships play a huge role in enabling us to improve the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians.

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Why sponsor The Push-Up Challenge

There are many benefits of aligning your brand with Australia's largest mental health and fitness event.

Our sponsors benefit from brand exposure to hundreds of thousands of engaged and passionate participants, as well as our broader national audience. This exposure is achieved through our highly engaged social media channels, website, email database, app and PR coverage.

Sponsors also benefit from making a positive impact on the mental health of all Australians, which fosters better brand relationships with employees and stakeholders.


Show your employees that your company is publicly walking the talk on improving mental health in Australia.


Unify your organisation and boost employee engagement through company-wide involvement.


Enjoy support direct from The Push-Up Challenge team and enhance your organisation's overall experience.


Get recognised publicly as a key supporter of The Push-Up Challenge and its mental health beneficiaries.


Gain insights on employee wellbeing through participation data, to help inform future organisational wellness efforts.

How we can push for better, together

We're not just another fitness event.  As the largest mental health and fitness event in Australia, we're taking a multi-layered approach to making a real difference in the mental health space.

And we want you to join us. We're looking for corporate supporters who want to work with us in the push for better mental health. Here's how... 

Dollar Matching

Dollar matching boosts donations to mental health considerably and can make a huge difference. Our participant feedback is loud and clear: more Dollar Match Days, please.

Prizes & Incentives

Can your brand help us attract new participants? We're keen on partners that can donate products and funds to help us keep our push-up legends going strong.  


Our participants love to get around in The Push-Up Challenge-branded gear. Could you be the brand to partner with us to improve our merch range and delivery?

Let's talk

We'd love to talk to you about the exciting opportunities that exist for organisations of all sizes to be involved in The Push-Up Challenge 2025 and beyond.