Team up with your friends and family

Gather your mates or recruit the fam to get fit, have fun and learn about mental health together.

Be part of Australia's largest mental health and fitness event.

The Push-Up Challenge is a unique and fun way to improve your mental health and wellbeing with your friends and family through physical activity, connection and mental health education.

In 2024, we had more than 218,000 participants join us in completing more than 300 million push-ups.

Why get on board


It's free and accessible for all
It doesn't cost anything to do something great for your physical and mental fitness, and there are plenty of accessible options for all ages and abilities, so everyone can get involved.


Stay connected
Whether you're pushing together in the living room or egging each other on in the group chats, the Challenge brings you together as you work towards one epic goal.

Start chats about mental health
The daily mental health facts are a great prompt to get the conversation flowing and remind you to check-in with each other.

Make an impact in your community
You can make a real difference to everyday Aussies by opting to raise money for one of these mental health charities.

Learn about mental health together
Get clued up about mental health and how to support yourself and each other with our daily mental health facts.

Have some fun!
Throw a bit of banter into the mix or get a friendly competition going with our Team/Community leaderboards to have some fun along the way.