The Push-Up Challenge is ideal for workplaces of various sizes.

  • Helps build a stronger community spirit at work
  • Builds better connections at work
  • Brings more fun to the workplace
  • Helps with keeping staff healthy
  • Encourages teamwork and engaged employees

There are 3 steps to getting your workplace involved:


Register as a participant (you will then be the team captain).


Create a team (super easy to do once you have registered).


Invite people to join your team (through sharing your team’s link via email, social media etc).

Some supporting information follows

Getting involved is very easy

No cost and very easy to get involved;

Fosters a positive community environment where people encourage each other;

Gives your people something new to be a part of;

Allows your people to learn about mental health.

The Push-Up Challenge is a unique way to engage people in mental health

Physical health (get fit)
Mental health (learn)
Connecting people (have fun)

Runs over 25 days in June (1st - 25th)

3,318 push-ups in total, representing the number of people who died by suicide in Australia in 2019

Track your own and your team’s progress online

Get fit

Learn about mental health

Fund raise for mental health (optional)

Mental health tips are interwoven into the event

A different mental health tip is offered to participants every day.

These tips were practical and grounded in science.

The feedback around these tips in 2020 was overwhelmingly positive.

98% of participants said they learnt something about mental health.

The fun and easy to use Tracker encourages engagement and facilitates learning

See daily targets

Enter pushups

See how others are going

Learn about mental health

Note that the app will be made available in the days leading up to the event. All those who have registered will have access. If a participant doesn’t user a smart phone, hard copy versions will be available to download.

Last year people from various backgrounds were involved from all over Australia were

Leah Benoit (65yo, Hobart) took pride in completing the event as part of her fitness group. “It was a great challenge and I’m proud of my accomplishment”

Christy (35yo, Perth) engaged over 50 of her colleagues to take part on an offshore oil platform 400km NW of Broome. “The comradery this built was amazing. We’re already looking forward to next year”

Daryl, (48yo, Maitland), took part with over 20 people from his gym. “Just awesome. Can't wait for the next event. We’re now looking for something similar before the next event!”

The event is setup so that there are communities, teams and individuals

Some people may just take part as an individual, some in a team and some may take part in a team that is part of a greater community.

An example of a community could be an organisation with various teams within it and various members in those teams.

We recommend a team size of no greater than 20 (less than 10 is ideal).




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