Serena O'Callaghan

Hope Floats. Be Here Tomorrow.

Dear friends and fam,
I warmly welcome you to join my cause,
Hope Floats. Be Here Tomorrow.
This June, I am taking part in The Push-Up Challenge for the 3rd year and showing up as Team Captain. My mission is to help shine the spotlight on the number of lives lost to suicide and raise awareness around suicide risk, suicide prevention and increase protective factors to safeguard wellbeing and mental health. As a lived experience workforce member within community mental health and someone recently bereaved by suicide, it is imperative to me now more than ever to be a part of this conversation. 
This year I am supporting Movember and the vital work they do around men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. Normalizing the discussion around men's health, driving system reform and co-designing innovative services to make support available and accessible is integral to improving men's general health, mental health, and emotional and social wellbeing. This is at the core of what is needed to empower healthy men in our communities and integral to ending stigmas, influencing cultural change, and making men's health a priority.  
I invite you to show your support by joining the team and donating if you are willing and able.
Additionally or as an alternative to financial support, please don’t be shy to throw some cheer and encouragement our way, say HELLO, even join in on some push ups/ sit ups/ squats with us when things kick off. Let us connect to share a meaningful conversation together.
All forms of support are very much welcome!
Stand with me, stand with us, to push for better mental health.
Seek Miracles In Life Everyday, SMILE 
Hope Floats.
Be Here Tomorrow.
Yours sincerely and with gratitude,
Serena aka Madam Woo
#mentalhealthawareness #suicideprevention #wellbeingmatters #menshealth #healthycommunities

Supporting Movember

Movember is proud to be supporting the #pushforbetter mental health

My Challenge History

Pushuperer for  3 years

Push-Ups Funds
2022 3,139 $2,506
2021 3,318 $315
2020 1,165 $758
Total 7,622 $3,579

My Push-Up Progress

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Part of Team Hope Floats. Be Here Tomorrow.

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