Investing the funds raised in mental health

Thanks to the efforts of our pushuperers and generosity of our donors, together we can make a positive impact to mental health and suicide prevention. Fundraising is an optional part of The Push-Up Challenge but a great opportunity to make a difference to mental health and suicide prevention across Australia and in our local communities.

The Push-Up Challenge 2021 proudly supported:

headspace the National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Lifeline Australia
The Push For Better Foundation

You can see which beneficiary a participant is supporting on their profile page.

The Push For Better Foundation

The Push For Better Foundation exists to bring people together to push for better mental health and proudly runs The Push-Up Challenge event.

We believe education is the single most important tool to breaking down the stigma and fostering open conversations about mental health.

Funds raised for The Push For Better Foundation will be used to:

- Raise awareness, engage and educate people in mental health through running the event;
- Ensure the Foundation can continue to operate and run The Push-Up Challenge in future years; and
- Fund and/or developing new initiatives to address existing gaps in mental health promotion and service provision.

New initiatives may include local 'grass roots' mental health initiatives, mental health research programs, ‘entry level' programs to get people exercising and other community-based initiatives relating to wellbeing, connection and mental health promotion.

headspace – the National Youth Mental Health Foundation

headspace provides tailored and holistic mental health support to 12 – 25 year olds. With a focus on early intervention, headspace works with young people to provide support at a crucial time in their lives – to help get them back on track and strengthen their ability to manage their mental health in the future.

Since 2006, headspace has supported 626,000 young people with over 3.6 million occasions of service. Last year 89% of young people reported that they better understood how to manage their mental health, felt listened to and knew how to reduce the impact mental health had on their lives, after accessing headspace support.

Young people’s mental health is in the spotlight more than ever before, and headspace must continue to grow to meet the demand for our services. Local headspace centres will raise funds for special projects supporting their community’s unique needs. Funds raised for headspace national will go towards priority projects to grow our reach and impact. Through The Push-Up Challenge, you are playing a critical role in helping headspace pilot and scale programs, increase service delivery, support family and friends and ensure that young people can access the right support, when they need it and how they want it.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to ensure that all young Australians are supported to be mentally healthy and engaged in their communities.


Every 30 seconds, a person reaches out to Lifeline for help. For 58 years, Lifeline has been connecting with Australians in need through crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Together, with Lifeline centres working in local communities across every state we provide crucial moments of connection that bring hope and save lives.

Through phone, text and online chat Lifeline is available 24 hours a day to listen, without judgement to any person who is feeling overwhelmed or experiencing crisis.

Being able to offer multiple modalities of support – phone, chat and text – is essential to ensuring a full safety net of crisis support is available to the Australian community.

Lifeline’s text, chat and 13 11 14 crisis line is predominately operated by volunteers – the kindest of strangers giving their time to listen without judgement. Being a 24-hour service, there are shifts that can be difficult for volunteers to fill.

Your donation through The Push Up Challenge will ensure Lifeline’s critical crisis support and suicide prevention service are accessible to anyone who needs them - anytime, anywhere and in the way those who need our support feel most comfortable approaching us.

Together with your help we can ensure no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone.