Fundraising Tips

Doing push-ups is not the only challenge, we also need to raise funds to support critical mental health services across Australia. This year we are proudly supporting headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, Lifeline Australia and The Push For Better Foundation. Fundraising for mental health through The Push-Up Challenge can be rewarding and fun. Here are a few tips to help boost your donations:

Set a Fundraising Goal

Once you’ve registered for The Push-Up Challenge, go to your My Page and set your fundraising goal. Be ambitious and keep trying to reach your target! Letting people know what your goal is could inspire them to help you out.

Donate to Yourself

Don’t forget to start things off by donating to yourself to get closer to your goals. People who support themselves are more likely to raise additional donations.

Share on Social Media

Use the Share links on your My Page to share your fundraising goals on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by email. Talk about why you are doing The Push-Up Challenge and why they should support mental health. Make sure you tag The Push-Up Challenge and use #pushforbetter.

Get Creative

Film yourself doing a creative push-up as a part of your training for The Push-Up Challenge and share it on social media. It’s a great way to grab your friend’s attention and inspire them to support you. When you write your post, tag 3 of your friends and challenge them to come up with their own creative push-up.

Start a Team

Get your friends, family, co-workers, gym buddies or teammates together and start a team on The Push-Up Challenge to work towards a fundraising and push-up goals together.

Get Your School, Workplace or Club Involved

Make sure you let everyone at your school, workplace, sports club or social club, know that you’re doing The Push-Up Challenge! Ask a principal/organiser/manager to share a post on the social media page or send an email around to support you. Include a personal message on why you are taking on The Push-Up Challenge.

Ask a Local Business for Support

It could be something as small as your local coffee shop, gym or lunch spot. Reach out to your local business community to help reach your fundraising goal. If they can’t donate, ask them to share your social media post on their page to generate more awareness.

Thank Your Supporters

Make sure you thank your supporters! All it takes is a simple message on your social media posts to encourage more people to donate.