Student Ambassador - Lucia's Story

01 Mar 2023
Hear from Lucia and her experience as a Student Ambassador in 2022. 

What skills did you learn from being part of the Student Ambassador Program? 
I gained skills in how to better support those around me who may be going through a hard time with their mental health. 

What was the highlight of the program for you? 
Building a solid foundation at our school to openly talk about mental health and suicide prevention. 

Why was it important for you and your school to be part of The Push-Up Challenge? I
Because of how deeply our school has been impacted by suicide. It gave an opportunity to have proper resources to support and educate students as well as do something beneficial for everyone's mental health. It was important for me to be a part of the challenge because of my personal bereavement by suicide. Breaking down the stigma of mental health and suicide is something I'm incredibly passionate about and this challenge gave me an amazing outlet to learn and support organisations that need more recognition and support, like Lifeline.

What impact did The Push-Up Challenge have on you and your school community? 
The impact the challenge had on me was how much it helped me with my own grief journey as well as allowed me to do something extremely hard and beneficial to my own mental health and wellbeing. The challenge impacted my school by listening to youth voices, we were able to make some lasting change in how our school approaches mental health in a respectful, engaging and open way. 
What advice would you give to future Student Ambassadors? 
My advice would be to have two student ambassadors from the same school, this helps to get more engaging advertising in the school and help organise the challenge in your school. I would also suggest trying to get your local mental health and suicide prevention organisation aware that your school is completing the challenge.