Motiata's Story

01 Jul 2021

Participant of The Push-Up Challenge in 2021, Motiata Hooper bravely shares her story:

"My brother was one of the 3318 in 2019 to lose their lives to suicide and I’m just so grateful to have an opportunity to do something. I’m a tubby card-carrying couch potato of long standing so this is truly a huge challenge for me.

Also, my brother John who was not quite 42 when he died was a bit into fitness and once very painstakingly showed me how to do dips. I was so dismissive at the time but now it’s a treasured memory.

It’s also brought my work team together - mainly to shout obscenities at me as I signed them all up without their express permission - but we all do our push ups and sit ups together on the hour every hour at work.

It’s a brilliant initiative and I’m so glad you came up with it. There is a lot of helplessness around suicide. A lot of what if I’d done that or said that etc.

The Push-Up Challenge gives grieving families and loved ones the chance to do something rather than think about what we could have done or should have done.

Thank you."