Providing crisis support in darkest moments

01 Jul 2021

Funds raised through The Push-Up Challenge 2021 helped Lifeline Sydney and Sutherland deliver on their vision to help those seeking crisis support. Funds enabled the Sydney and Sutherland centre to hire an additional clinical supervisor to support their team in the work they do to assist callers needing crisis support.

One of their team dedicated their fundraising to his brother, who was lost to suicide in January 2021. He raised over $5,000 honouring his memory.

“I am in awe and absolutely appreciative and grateful for the work that you all choose to do to improve the lives of many Australians, so that they don't experience the loss and grief and heartache like my family are experiencing. Thank you all for your important work - across all domains that your work expands to.”

The team even involved local gyms and their members for greater impact. Damian Wightman from InnerFit Leichhardt not only helped raise funds for the centre, but also produced some daily technique videos to keep the centre motivated.