The Push For Better Foundation

Funds raised for The Push For Better Foundation in 2021 helped deliver The Push-Up Challenge event and set it up for future years. In 2021 The Push-Up Challenge delivered significant benefit to over 174,000 participants across Australia—with participants reporting they felt fitter and stronger, their mood was improved, they felt connected to fellow participants and they believed the event helped to reduce the stigma associated with mental health.   

On a societal level, the event has helped to raise awareness of mental health, further normalise conversations about mental health and reduce the stigma around seeking help.

This infographic summarises the impact of The Push-Up Challenge 2021: 

Additionally, there is evidence the event is helping people to check in on each other and seek help when they need it. The 2021 participant survey showed around half of participants checked in on someone they were concerned about and 584 survey respondents reached out to a mental health service provider as a direct result of the event.