As with any any fitness based event, you should check with your fitness professional around your suitability to take part. Doing 3,139 push-ups isn't for everyone after all. Alternatives to push-ups are welcome (like sit-ups, squats etc) and we encourage you to mix things up a little during the event. Please be safe and take care of yourself during the event. 


Just like any big fitness event it’s a good idea to ease your way into it. If you haven't done push-ups for a while, build up into it. Perhaps start with just a few push-ups and throw in some other exercises to mix things up. This will give your muscles time to regain strength. Be sure to spread your push-ups out over the day to reduce the burden. Ease your way into larger sets only when you feel comfortable doing so.


It is important as we strengthen one part of the body, that we maintain a bit of balance. Push-ups are a great work out for the whole body, but in particular the chest. Feel free to throw in some other exercises to balance things out. Some sit-ups, squats and lunges for the legs. If you get a chance, get into some back exercises - a few pulling exercises to match the pushing.


Whilst pushing out those push-ups, remember to tuck the tail bone under. This will flatten the lower back, helping to avoiding sagging at the hips and assist in preventing any lower back pain, whilst also ensuring that the abdominal muscles are switching on. Check out the resources part of the website for more tips.


Variety is the spice of life. You can spice up your push-ups, especially on those big days, in a number or ways. Wide hand placement will help to target biceps and pecs, whilst tucking the elbows in next to the body gets the triceps burning. Adding a clap will add an extra cardio challenge to your daily tally, whilst those that are finding the body is dropping in the middle can perform the push-ups on their knees. Changing the way you do your push-ups is a great way to keep it fresh each day.

Roll and Release

If you are feeling tight or sore through the shoulders, which you may do after the first week, make sure that you spend a bit of time stretching the pec muscles. A tennis ball pressed between a wall and your shoulder blade is a great way to loosen off the shoulders. Remember that if you are experiencing persistent pain, it is best to see your physio or GP for advice. Again, feel free to mix things up. Substitute push-ups for some sit-ups, lunges, squats etc. They all count.