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About Our Challenge

This June, we're taking on The Push-Up Challenge and completing a heap of push-ups between 5-28 June, 2024 to raise funds and awareness for mental health.

You can show your support by making a tax-deductible donation to our fundraising page or joining our Team to be a part of the fun.

Every dollar helps #pushforbetter mental health outcomes in Australia.

Supporting Push For Better Foundation

The Push For Better Foundation raises awareness and engages people in mental health through connection, education and health and wellbeing. We #pushforbetter.

This team is currently ranked 1000+ out of all teams that are fundraising

Rank Name Amount
998 Clifford $1982.00
999 Queensland University Regiment $1981.93
1000 WYNDHAM COLLEGE TEAM 1 $1980.86
1001 Penrith Pushers $1980.05
1002 Benny's Pusher Upper's $1980.00
1003 FROTHERS official $1980.00
1004 United Safety Australia $1980.00

Team Push-Up Total

Meet the team
(12 members)
Team Captain: Serina Gill

Thanks to Our Legendary Sponsors


Gary & Lorraine Wootton

Good luck Dale , hope you guys hit your target to help raise funds for a very good cause..


Ben Hammond


Dale Wootton


Natalie Atkinson


james moore


Lyana Hakim

Toned bods for a well defined cause! All the best ❤️

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