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I'm completing 3,139 push-ups / sit-ups in 24 days to raise awareness and funds for mental health. Please support me as I #pushforbetter in June.

As most of you would be aware I have had my experiences with depression, which at its worst led me to suicidal thoughts, thankfully someone was watching out for me and arranged a journey back.

Due to a number of reasons I found myself in a deep black hole, I always thought I was on top of things as I managed things on my own, but I was never out of the hole.

An event several years ago now, saw me plummet to the bottom of the hole, I think I saw the bottom, thankfully I mentioned my feelings to someone who immediately started arranging help for me.

While there are worse things, the worst for me was being placed on a suicide watch list.

The return journey was not easy and involved professional people helping me constantly, and friends being there when i needed them.

From my experience a person who has depression learns how to hide it from others. I dont think you are ever cured of depression, but the road and help provided me with ways to manage depression. 

Do to injuries I will be doing a mix of push-ups and situps. With training nearly finished i have reached a daily total of 140 and feel physically and mentally much stronger.

I need your financial donations to assist others that may need help, remember its a tax donation. I have asked friends for help before but I promise this will be the last time.

I do intend to maintain a more vigorous exercise program after the end of the challenge.

The financial side is not about my journey rather other people and their journey.

Thank you for reading my story, and donating where possible.

Remember no one is above you, and no one is below you, we are all equal. 

Supporting Lifeline Tasmania

Lifeline Australia is one of the beneficiaries of this year’s The Push Up Challenge. Together, Lifeline and The Push Up Challenge aim to raise awareness about mental health and the impact of suicide on Australians. Participants will take on 3,139 push-ups across 24 days in June, putting the spotlight on the tragic number of lives lost to suicide in Australia in 2020.


All funds raised will go towards mental health and crisis support services, helping to break stigmas and provide hope to those struggling with their mental health, so no one is going through their darkest moments alone.

My Challenge History

Pushuperer for  1 year

Push-Ups Funds
2022 3,139 $4,549
Total 3,139 $4,549

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