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FUCF - Coughing for Cystic Fibrosis Pushing the Limit

In June, our Team is taking part in The Push-Up Challenge. 

People living with CF are often affected by mental health issues. Imagine looking healthy but not being able to participate with your friends in social, sport or work activities.... It can get pretty depressing. So to draw attention to mental health in general and make us feel better at the same time I decided we need to do pushups for a month!! I've done it a few times before, and it is possible for everyone! Even if you don't do pushups you can still join by doing squats, situps or whatever! It's the spirit!

We are going to help shine the spotlight on the number of lives lost to suicide in 2020 and raise awareness of mental health. Feel free to join us or support a team member who is taking part. Help us push for better mental health.

Supporting Push For Better Foundation

The Push For Better Foundation raises awareness and engages people in mental health through connection, education and health and wellbeing. We #pushforbetter.

This team is currently ranked 1001 out of all teams that are fundraising

Rank Name Amount
998 Fit2Last $1635.00
999 Gang of Sea Monkeys $1633.45
1000 S & I +1 $1631.31
1001 SM Pec Developers $1630.00
1002 Gold diggers $1630.00
1003 RFF- Chipping Dales $1630.00
1004 The Dogs $1630.00

Team Push-Up Total

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Team Captain: Walter Van Praag



Ken Moore


barbara spode

hullo Tiina, Pusheruperer Superior. As an ex-psychologist I'm pleased to support you. In such terrible times we need these services desperately. Never did manage a push-up myself. Hope to see you some time. Barbara


Arnold Schwarzenegger

I have always admired you Wally - you are an inspiration to all of those around us! But I prefer to do my 3,139 pushups in one day. Arnie xx PS - come with me if you want to live!


Annette Duley

Knowing you Tiina you'll do a lot more than expected. Great effort.


David Yung


Richard Barz

Hi Tiina, keep up the good work!




Cindy Brazendale


Tiina Ropponen



I hear you needed 5$ more to get something! Week here you go, last I can do as your guardian angel.

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