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In June, our Team is taking part in The Push-Up Challenge. We are going to help shine the spotlight on the number of lives lost to suicide in 2020 and raise awareness of mental health. Feel free to join us or support a team member who is taking part. Help us push for better mental health.

Supporting Push For Better Foundation

The Push For Better Foundation raises awareness and engages people in mental health through connection, education and health and wellbeing. We #pushforbetter.

This team is currently ranked 1001 out of all teams that are fundraising

Rank Name Amount
998 Pushin' our way to Bali $1719.39
999 QHS 2022 $1718.85
1000 DHS Staff $1718.50
1001 UPG physio $1718.33
1002 Liquorice Allsorts $1716.00
1003 Vision PT Caulfield $1715.00
1004 Push it Real Good (PRG) $1715.00

Team Push-Up Total

Meet the team
(14 members)
Team Captain: Anthea Osborne



Provey Legal


Daniel Matthews




McKelvie Family

Laban Nico! With you all the way from Brisbane. Love the McKelvies


Peter Cerone

All for a good cause, well done, on behalf of Enware.


Ate Nikki

Good on you Nico!


Tita Yang

Good on you Nico. Make sure you have fun doing this.


Cherrie Cacayorin

Good on you Nico.




Chavez Fambam


Bea and Lucas Fernandez

Good luck with the challenge!


Jessie Lusterio


Sarah Classon

Keep it up Nico!


Nico Cacayorin

here’s to a good 24 days of push ups! - nico, deputy head prefect 2022


Mary Surman

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