About Our Challenge

This June, we're taking on The Push-Up Challenge and completing a heap of push-ups between 5-28 June, 2024 to raise funds and awareness for mental health.

You can show your support by making a tax-deductible donation to our fundraising page or joining our Team to be a part of the fun.

Every dollar helps #pushforbetter mental health outcomes in Australia.

Supporting Lifeline

Lifeline exists to ensure no person in Australia has to face their darkest moments alone.
We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to listen, without judgement, to any person in Australia who is feeling overwhelmed, experiencing crisis or longs to be heard.

Experience shows us it is through connection that we can find hope. With Australians struggling with cost-of-living pressures, increasing inflation, housing insecurity, global instability, and recovery after extreme weather events, our crisis support services have remained in high demand with our voice and text services receiving up to 4,000 contacts a day from help seekers. Our partnership with The Push Up Challenge has played a vital role in raising funds to support the delivery of suicide prevention and crisis support services at a time where we have never been needed more.

This team is currently ranked 1000+ out of all teams that are fundraising

Rank Name Amount
998 Clifford $1982.00
999 Queensland University Regiment $1981.93
1000 WYNDHAM COLLEGE TEAM 1 $1980.86
1001 Penrith Pushers $1980.05
1002 Benny's Pusher Upper's $1980.00
1003 FROTHERS official $1980.00
1004 United Safety Australia $1980.00

Team Push-Up Total

Meet the team
(19 members)
Team Captain: Cooper Ellis

Thanks to Our Legendary Sponsors


Paul Rankin


Northern Star Resources

Thank you! Your donation has been matched by Northern Star Resources – we are pushing for better mental health.


Danielle Snowdon

Well done!


Grandma and Grandpa

Good on you Jesse . I am really proud of you and the kind and caring person you are. Love you mate . Grandma and Grandpa.


Adrian Holland

Go for it.



Get those gains my gangster!


Angie Pollock


Cheryl spooner

Good luck rohan


Your Mum xx


Ruby & Maeve Snowdon


Peter Parker



Great cause Jesse, you got this



Get to it Rohan!


Cheryl spooner

Good luck jesse


Samuel Graham

Well done BSSC! Great to see your incredible work with supporting this push-up challenge for the 2nd year! Keep up the amazing work!

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