The daily mental health facts

The mental health facts that are the basis of the event. The target number of push-ups varies from day to day to reflect a different mental health statistic.

Exercise is the best way to give your brain a boost

Day 24: 135 push-ups

There is growing scientific evidence suggesting that aerobic exercise can be used to prevent and treat depression.  

The study suggested that just three 45-minute exercise sessions per week (135 minutes total) was enough to provide anti-depressant benefits to mental health.  

The impact of exercise on mental health was recently demonstrated in a study involving 1.24 million people, which found that people who participated in exercise had less days per month of poor mental health. The biggest differences were associated with team sports and forms of aerobic exercise.  
In addition, another study highlights that 12% of cases of depression could have been prevented by just one hour of exercise a week. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to help either. Moderate activity like fast walking, cycling, steady lap swimming, or anything that causes a rise in heart rate and a bit of a sweat, is the best way to give your brain a boost.