Friends and Family

The Push-Up Challenge is ideal for family and friends:
  • No cost and very easy to get involved
  • Suitable for various ages
  • Something new and fun to be a part of
  • Allows your crew to learn about mental health

Some supporting information follows

Getting involved is easy

  • No cost and very easy to get involved
  • Fosters a positive community environment where people encourage each other
  • Gives your people something new to be a part of
  • Allows your people to learn about mental health

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The Push-Up Challenge is a unique way to engage people in mental health

  • Runs over 23 days in June
  • 3,144 push-ups in total, representing the number of people who died by suicide in Australia in 2021
  • Track your own and your team's progress online
  • Get fit
  • Learn about mental health
  • Fundraise for mental health (optional, but a great chance to support critical mental health services across Australia)

Mental health tips are interwoven into the event


A different mental health tip is offered to participants every day.


Scientific Research

These tips were practical and grounded in science.


The feedback around these tips in 2022 was overwhelmingly positive.


97% of participants said they learnt something about mental health.

Each day, participants track their push-ups on our phone app or website

  • See daily targets
  • Enter ('bank') pushups
  • See how others are going
  • Learn about mental health
  • From app stores (iPhone and Android)

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The event is setup so that there are communities, teams and individuals

Participants can take part as an individual or as part of a team, and perhaps also be part of a Community.

For teams, we recommend a team size of no more than 10 people.

A Community is a collection of teams. These are great for large workplaces, schools, gyms, unis or clubs where more than 10 people are expecting to take part.