Fundraising tips

Raising funds for Lifeline, headspace or The Push for Better Foundation can make a real difference to mental health outcomes in Australia.

No matter who you support, your fundraising efforts are helping fund critical mental health services and programs that help everyday Australians when they need it most.

Give your fundraising a boost with our Fundraising and Engagement Guide, or keep scrolling for some quick tips.

Stay motivated and boost your donations

Share your story

Why are you pushing for better mental health? Share your motivation and why you want to take on the Challenge. Head to you dashboard to share.

Set a fundraising goal

Be ambitious and keep trying to reach your target. Letting people know what your goal is could inspire them to help you out. 


Start a team

Get your friends, family, co-workers, gym buddies or teammates together and start a team to work towards fundraising and push-up goals together. 

Thank your supporters 

Make sure you thank your supporters. All it takes is a simple message on your social media posts to encourage more people to donate. 

Fundraising tips for workplaces

Getting your work crew together?

We'll help you keep the troops motivated and make The Push-Up Challenge one of your best workplace achievements.


Cake it until you make it

Host a launch event like a morning tea to get everyone pumped. Start conversations that help remove the stigma around mental illness and share how fundraising can make a difference. 

Workplace dollar matching 

Check if your workplace offers dollar matching. Lots of companies like to rally behind their employees and show their support by matching funds they've raised. 


Encourage push-up moments  

Make time within your organisation to encourage participants to do their daily push-up target and discuss the daily Mental Health Facts.  

Fundraising tips for schools

We love it when schools come together to join in The Push-Up Challenge.

Some legends from last year share their tips to keep your school motivated and help boost your fundraising dollars.


Push for pizza  

Hit your push-up targets and be rewarded with awesome treats. 



Teachers vs Students  

Teachers and students go head-to-head in a push-up throw down. Donate a gold coin to watch and see who the champions are. 


Better together  

Have a mass push-up day and make time to push together (this makes for an epic photo opp). 

Assembly talks 

Invite your school wellbeing staff or mental health professionals to speak at assemblies about mental health awareness.