Push For Better


Whilst we can't do the push-ups for you, there are other things which we can assist you with

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  • Forgot to bank push-ups

    If you forgot to bank some push-ups on a previous day, naughty naughty. If you ask us really nicely we may be able to bank them for you.

  • Report something dodgy

    If you see some behaviour on this platform that you think should be reported, please, let us know. If you could give us as much information as you can to help us investigate it, that will definitely help. Thanks

  • Create a Community

    If you're expecting to have multiple teams involved we recommend creating a community and having those teams sit within that community. If you've already created some teams fear not, you can create a community and then we'll shift the teams to under that umbrella. It won't take us long at all.

  • Move a team to be within a community

    There are some sweet advantages of having your team fit in a broader community. You can see how other teams in your community are going as well as see how other pushuperers are going in your community. If your team isn't already in an existing community hit us up here and we'll make it happen for you. If you want to create a community, easy, just fill out that form and we'll work our magic. Won't take us long at all!